Our unique process

At Livefire, we believe in responsible data network design and delivery. We like to understand the needs of people that will rely on the network, as much as we need to understand the building and hardware needs of the network. From thorough briefing to working with other trades and ongoing support, we offer a unique approach to data networking.


[ onsite or remote]

Onsite or remote site inspection include a physical inspection of a site location or the careful analysis of blueprints, floor maps and architectural diagrams. We apply careful analysis of building and surrounding structures, materials, area size and orientation, ceiling, roof, wall cavity and power access.


[ need and expectation ] 

We host a thorough briefing to understand the interior and exterior design as well as the intended use of the space. We believe the look and feel of the space are as important as the clients' use of including software, application, device, connectivity to the network.


[ design and mapping ] 

We offer a complete networking solution as a technical diagram respectful of floor plans, coverage map and a full list of hardware, software, and services to configure and introduce the network.  We design to budget and expectations established through thorough briefing and inspection processes.


[ by us or your trade ]

Livefire installs networks locally or can support installation, by your selected tradesperson, remotely. Configured packages come with a network map, specific instructions for the unique site and tech support as needed.


[ to your network ]

We like to ensure that our clients can confidently use their network, connect devices, and ask for support if and when needed. The Livefire team hosts and introduce the new system and answer questions. Clients are presented with access passwords and support avenues.


[ manage and support ]

We manage updates, provide network security, monitor for potential issues and deploy quick resolution, share insight into the internet, user and network performance, provide access control, manage passwords and guest logins, and offer monthly reporting.